We are a group of communication students at North Dakota State University working together to learn and discuss how new media technologies are continuously affecting the public relations and advertising industry.

The purpose of this blog is to help us and you learn through dialogue. Please leave comments on any of our posts, or Email Us.

Meet the Crew


Katie Johnson – Writer

Major: Double in PR/Advertising and Web Design
Hometown: Fargo, ND
Career Plans: Either work with a PR firm or enter the PGA Apprentice Program
Fav Color: Green!!
Random Fact: I have an odd array of passions: track and field, snowboarding, golf, Transformers, and a stuffed dog named Doug


Myah Inskeep – Editor

Major:PR/Advertising w/ Web Design minor
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
Career Plans: Work for an equine magazine or business and become a pro rodeo photographer
Fav Color: Red
Random Fact: My dream is to move to Colorado some day 🙂

staci mcpherson

Staci McPherson – Researcher

Major: PR/Advertising w/ Business Minor
Hometown: Page, ND
Career Plans: Something in the PR/Marketing world! But my dream job is to be a wedding or event planner
Fav Color: Purple
Random Fact: I was born in a car 🙂


Amy Larson – Researcher

Major: PR/Advertising, Journalism
Hometown: Richfield, MN
Career Plans:Work at a PR/Ad firm in the midwest
Fav Color: Purple
Random Fact: I LOVE “How I Met Your Mother”


Carley Weaver – Researcher

Major: PR/Advertising
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Career Plans: My ultimate goal is to be the PR representative of a large corporation
Fav Color: Red
Random Fact: I was a Girl Scout for 13 years


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